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Thelys mw by Sochi-suzuki
Thelys mw
Here let me show you my new OC !
I adopt her palette from PWAdoptables she really make awesome palettes and I could'nt resist !

her colors palette remind me of Diaspro so I decide to make with it Diaspro's daughter for my next gen OC !

Name: Princess Thelys of Isis kingdom
Age: 17 years old
Power: fairy of Shinning crystals be careful with her she can control light from all kind of gems, if you attack her with ice power she will turn it against you because snowflakes are crystal too !
Familly: Queen Diaspro (mother)
Story: Thelys is an only child and don't know who her farther is, her mother never wanted to tell her saying it's not important. She still feel a little hole in her because of this missing farther in her life but never show it. She know that before her mother was kind of a bad person because of her jealousy about an ex-fiancé that always make her a little sad and sometime when they fight with her mother she told her she never wanted to be like her. Despite all of that Thelys love her mother she know she went a lot of things to try to be better for the kingdom and her daughter. Thelys is an independant girl, really kind and intelligent, she love learn things, she's an elegant person. Don't underestimate her she can made really great plan and strategy for win anything.
Thelys is Petalia's best friend, they pass a lot of time together during royal meeting and they have calm caracters

I think Thelys will be an important minor OC of my next gen like Sabina and Alyssa she well be an add fairy for some seasons !

hope you like her !

base Cristalinawinx modify by me
Esmina sirenix by Sochi-suzuki
Esmina sirenix
So well let's continu with some sirenix design XD with of course the underwater too!

And of course after Jael I had to make her twin sister Esmina !
Like her twin sister they always wear an arabian african design !
Even if their twin Jael and Esmina don't have the same hair color in underwater!

hope you like it!

base WinxFandom
Jael sirenix by Sochi-suzuki
Jael sirenix
So well let's continu with some sirenix design XD with of course the underwater too!

I continu with my OC princess Jael !
Jael is the fairy of heat she the gardian of Voloen heart !
Like her twin sister they always wear an arabian african design !

hope you like it!

base WinxFandom
Mikaela believix by Sochi-suzuki
Mikaela believix
So here I continu with some design for my OCs 
Here I show you the believix fror my sweet OC Mikaela !
I really like how she turn she look so pretty !

I maybe think about make a little club or something like that for her cause she deserve more love!

I adopt the design from Usenochka

hope you like it !

flora pose
wings design Springscent 
Lou pixie of forest by Sochi-suzuki
Lou pixie of forest
So here a little drawing of another pixie for my OC !

made by Efyme for an old contest and I never draw him since that ^^" 
This cute little baby pixie is Lou pixie of forest and bound to my OC Junon fairy of muschroom/Fungus !

he's just so pretty !

hope you like him !
Will you be interest if I open Trinitix commission ?

It will be 80 or 90 :points: what do you think about the price ?


Bullet; Red about Trinitix
It is a transformation where the fairy will merge its power with the soul of a powerful magical being that were trapped in the ruins who are protected even by magic
But for earn this transformation the fairy will lost momentarily one of his senses, allowing her magic and her other senses to grow tremendously

Bullet; Red How Trinitix design look ?
Trinitix design look a little like godness and warior, the fairy will wear some armor part and will depend of the fairy and the sens who is remove by the transformation

-sight: the fairy will wear a armor visor
-hearing : a special warior helmet on the ear
-taste here will be speech: a warior protection on the mouth
-smell : a warior mask on the nose
-touch: warior gloves who stop the fairy for using her power normaly

The armor part can be gold, silver or bronze. The wings is different for each fairy but have a same design with a simple armor part and shape like fabric. 

exemple: Aura Trinitix by Sochi-suzuki Carly Trinitix by Sochi-suzuki Oralie Trinitix by Sochi-suzuki COM- Morgen Trinitix by Sochi-suzukiCOM- Shimmer trinitix by Sochi-suzukiCOM- Amelia trinitix by Sochi-suzuki


-Bonniebun4  for Morgen (hearing) DONE
-Inspi-Designs for Shimmer (sight) DONE
Supremechaos918 3 COMS: for Merula (hearing), Amelia (sight) and Lena (taste/speech) 1/3 DONE


Sochi-suzuki's Profile Picture
Just call me Sochi


-25 years old
-like japanese music, yaoi, manga and anime !
-Love my friend and my family !
-I like drawing
-I like play sim date game and visual novel~
-I write fanfic about japanese group speaccially of dir en grey, sadie and the gazette
I'm speacialist of Mao/Kyo
-I have OTP who ruin my life : DESTIEL, SABRIEL, STEREK, STUCKY, CHERIK and other like mcdanno dreamshusbands....

My friend in true life: :iconxmisaki-chanx:

Favourite genre of music: visula-kei / j-rock / rock / metal / j-pop
MP3 player of choice: mp4

image: Angel made by me picture by flawshies

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