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CE- make one with leaves by Sochi-suzuki
CE- make one with leaves
So here is my entry for the second round of   RoseMagique's contest!
This round was about to make an outfit for our OC with the theme : "leaves and fall"

So I choose to draw this time my OC April fairy of vegetation and chlorophyll

I choose to make it nature like with a long dress and a hood because i think it's more autumn like and add leaves with branch

hope you like it !

base FeeEnchantresse
Advent calendar CLOSE by Sochi-suzuki
Advent calendar CLOSE
Well I wanted to wait next weak to make it but finally I will certainly be more busy so i want to take more time for this so.....

Hello everyone !
This year I choose to not open christmas request/gifts but make an advent calendar for this christmas !

:bulletred: It's really simple you have to choose a number and you will have your gift in the day you choose !

for example: if you choose 6, the 6th december I will submit your gift

:bulletred: What can you ask for gift ?

you can have :

-screenshot or group pic of your choice
-your OC in any transformation you already have (design and wings)
-your OC in any casual or outfit the winx wear from the different seasons (ex: sailor, explorer, zenith, egyptian...)

:bulletred: I want my friends to choose their number first !!!

my friends : :iconminiwinx:, :iconashia2256:, :icongranderey::iconcherryblossom-winx::iconwaiting4moonshine::iconcoccoloba:, :iconmctrey::iconilir21::iconrosemagique:

I prefer to do this for my watchers in particular and only for winx fandom for the moment


:bulletred: 1 : CLOSE :iconvivafariy:
:bulletgreen: 2 : CLOSE :iconminiwinx:
:bulletred: 3 : CLOSE :iconavatartara:
:bulletgreen: 4 : CLOSE :iconelegancedrawer:
:bulletred: 5 : CLOSE :icontayaspirits:
:bulletgreen: 6 : CLOSE :iconcoccoloba:
:bulletred: 7 : ON HOLD
:bulletgreen: 8 : CLOSE :iconsapphire-blossom-mai: my sis will have a special drawing
:bulletred: 9 : CLOSE :iconanne4411:
:bulletgreen: 10 : CLOSE :iconashia2256:
:bulletred: 11 : CLOSE :iconanonymartist:
:bulletgreen: 12 : CLOSE :iconcherryblossom-winx:
:bulletred: 13 : CLOSE :iconlittlemissnikki90:
:bulletgreen: 14 : CLOSE :iconartfan1298:
:bulletred: 15 : CLOSE :iconilir21:
:bulletgreen: 16 : CLOSE :iconcutelittlefairy:
:bulletred: 17 : CLOSE :iconshiningstella:
:bulletgreen: 18 : CLOSE :iconmagixinyou:
:bulletred: 19 : CLOSE :iconbecky0220:
:bulletgreen: 20 : CLOSE :iconrosemagique:
:bulletred: 21 : CLOSE :iconwaiting4moonshine:
:bulletgreen: 22 : CLOSE :iconlightshinebright:
:bulletred: 23 : CLOSE :iconmctrey:
:bulletgreen: 24 : CLOSE :icongranderey: 


image found on google
Rita, pixie of silk by Sochi-suzuki
Rita, pixie of silk
So here is another pixie for winx my next gen OC !
I adopt the design from StarletReader I really like the color I choose for her =) so cute !

Here is Rita, pixie of silk
Rita is Elina bound pixie!
Rita is a sexy little pixie but she's actualy a quiet and shy person, she don't like be the center of interest but like to give other advice

hope you like her!

pose : Tune
Trinitix- life is too short by Sochi-suzuki
Trinitix- life is too short
So this is another screenshot for my group Trinitix club !
This one take place when the girls will go find the second soul in another planet and dimension but I really wanted to draw it for show you Aura futur boyfriend the phoenix Fenghuang !

Fenghuang past (imagine by KillerGirlFuriaFen is an ancient being, a Phoenix, the Flame Bird born in China sometime during Shang Dynasty, second dynasty of China. He lived ages in there, watching world’s progress, never really taking part in it, consumed by hunger of knowledge. Around first age he started to travel across the world in search for it. He even met Apostil Peter during his travels. He was accumulating books and knowledge in his library hidden within Mount Hua, soon gathering each and every valuable book on Earth. That was when he met a witch from west, jealous of his great power. She cursed him and trapped forever within human body, taking his wings with herself. After Fen was back to his senses, she was long, long gone. And so, great Phoenix trapped within weak human body lived centuries since now, gathering all of the power he could to find the witch one day and lift the curse.

Fenghuang will hear portals can take her new dimension he will catcha witch for she give him renseigmements about the three souls who once met could give him enough power to regain its original shape

It's like this Fen will meet Aura, Oralie and Carly when the group try to find the first soul.
At first they will fight for have the soul but when Kali and the monsters she invoked the ennemi will decide to fight together against the witch.
Finally it's Carly who will save the soul and earn a new power.

After this Fen decide to travel with the girls for trying to use their power for himself. Aura, Oralie and Carly will earn a little more about Fenghuang, that he's a phoenix from Earth and the curse.



After saving the soul first, the group went to a new dimension and a new planet in search of the next soul. Once you get the group decided to split into two and Aura left his side with Fen.
The detour mountain, they fell into an ambush organized by Kali and became attacked by monsters. Will be turned into enchantix fairy ready to fight

Fen: Stop it Aura you're not strong against them! I can take care of this alone ! you go away from this I don't need help !

Aura: Shut up Fen !!

Fen: What ?! You know at who you talk ?!

Aura: Yeah and I don't care !

She open her wings and start to fly ready for fight

Aura: It's you who don't know ! You just don't understand us, don't understand me !

She start to attack the monsters

Aura: Life is too short ! What good is living life if you do not take risks! What good is living if it is not full!

Fenghuang look at her fight with determination and rage.

Aura: I will fight for my friends ! For all people who trust in me ! For stop Kali's plan ! If I am injured or worse and so be it! Because I've chosen my life, because I'm proud of what I did and my choice!


It's since this day that Fenhuang start to understand better human, thanks to Aura, she find her interesting and he slowly fall in love with her, with her strong character even if he don't understand that at first


hope you like it !

Fenghuang design by KillerGirlFuria
background by SparxGuardian
Aura new enchantix wings design Springscent
Trinitix- A new adventure wait for us by Sochi-suzuki
Trinitix- A new adventure wait for us
So here a little drawing of Trinitix ! (i don't know if i should make a group like nobody seems to like my group)

Trinititx is compose to 3 fairies:

:bulletpink: Oralie, fairy of rock and minerals
:bulletpink: Aura, fairy of vital energy
:bulletpink: Carly, fairy of clouds

This screenshot take place in the season 3, after the girls earn their believix they will be part of a new adventure for discovered 3 old ruin who hide really old soul of powerful wise 
Kali hear that when you recolt the 3 souls you will obtain a huge power name the trinity
Aura, Oralie and Carly decide to stop her and begin their new depart
Their first adventure led them to a winter planet

For this mission the girls wear outfit looking like training outfit and ski suit, they wear glasses who can locate the ruins

Will the group be able to find the ruin before Kali ? Will they be able to protect the soul ?

hope you like it

base winx-base
background :devsparguardian:

Secret santa+ wishlist

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 11, 2014, 10:54 AM
So I see several people making journal of this event and I think about it so why not I already make some secret santa and secret valentine before and i find it to be a good idea to give other people a little thing who can please them for christmas

so I join it and if you find it interesting join too !

Winx Club Secret Santa 2014: OPENHey everyone! :hallo: 
It a very special time in this year! CHRISTMAS TIME! Merry christmas everybody 
So we make a Secret Santa for Winx Styled Art :3
What is WinxSecretSanta?
Winx Style Secret Santa on deviantART is just a bit different than the real life version. Instead of buying presents, we will draw them, in Winx-Style.
If you don't know how this works, read on! I am a dummy! 
How can i participate?
Bullet; Red Promote the group in any way on DA(art, poll, journal, etc.)
Bullet; Green Comment below with the form filled out(read below for the form)
Bullet; Red Join the Group
Once you have joi

My wishlist:

:buletgreen: April…

- princess dress
- or draw her in an outfit I already design of you prefer ^^

(please can you make a detail hairstyle ?)

:bulletgreen: Princess Petalia…

-a princess dress base on flowers
- a party dress base on flowers
- a casual base on flowers
-or draw her in a design I already make ^^

:bulletgreen: Princess Elina…

-A boyfriend for her
-draw her ine her enchantix

:bulletgreen: Princess Cherry…

-an egyptian dress for her
-draw her in any outfit you want ^^

I want to thank my futur secret santa for the time he or she will pass on it ^^


CE- Ayame enchantix (design/wings to adopt) by Sochi-suzuki
CE-Mariko enchantix (design to sold!) by Sochi-suzuki
CE- Aki Believix (wings to adopt) by Sochi-suzuki
I will design for your OC an enchantix or believix outfit with the wings
if you don't want the wings it will be 30 :points: and if you want only the wings 20 :points:
RQ- Merula minerix by Sochi-suzuki
AT- Belle minerix by Sochi-suzuki
AT- Celeste minerix by Sochi-suzuki
Kai minerix by Sochi-suzuki
My own fantransformation

Minerix is a transformation about trust, protection and confident about yourself, people you like and nature, it can only be earn by a fairy having enchantix and who go to Yuphorix in the "secret forest"
The fairy can earn the minerix by bonding with a mineral plant, one of the magical seals. The plant will give you power for you protect it.
Minerix will help the fairy's power to gain a new level adding a form of protection at this power a combinaison between different magic

Oralie Sperantix by Sochi-suzuki
Gift- Lemon Sperantix by Sochi-suzuki
One of my fantransformation
Sperantix was create by  Enafromthemoon and she give it to me after leaving 
Sperantix is a transformation about traveling and hope
Yuphorix-team new member new adventure by Sochi-suzuki
cg Enafromthemoon 3/3: Screenshoot Fight The Evil by Sochi-suzuki
Transformation girls ! by Sochi-suzuki
cg lightingmystery 1/3: Ailierix convergence by Sochi-suzuki
I will make for you a screenshot of any of your fairy or fairies of your choice
You can choose between color lign or black lign 
The price can change because of how many fairies you want in the screenshot, if you have already the design or if you want i make a new one for you (i don't make design for the transformation)


Sochi-suzuki's Profile Picture
Just call me Sochi


-24 years old
-like japanese music, yaoi, manga and anime !
-Love my friend and my family !
-I like drawing
-I like play sim date game and visual novel~
-I write fanfic about japanese group speaccially of dir en grey, sadie and the gazette
I'm speacialist of Mao/Kyo
-I have OTP who ruin my life : DESTIEL, SABRIEL, STEREK, STUCKY, CHERIK and other like mcdanno dreamshusbands....

My friend in true life: :iconxmisaki-chanx:

Favourite genre of music: visula-kei / j-rock / rock / metal / j-pop
MP3 player of choice: mp4

image: Angel made by me picture by EleganceDrawer



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