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deviation in storage by BraveMoonGirl
deviation in storage by BraveMoonGirl

What should I do next ? 

4 deviants said more from next gen OC ! (comment witch one, transformation or other outfit ?)
4 deviants said screenshots
3 deviants said art trade or collab ? (comment if you want)
2 deviants said other things
1 deviant said Trinitix ! (comment)
1 deviant said other OCs (comment witch one and what )
No deviants said Yuphorix ! (comment)

Commissions prices

only for winx style !

what I'll do :

:bulletred: casuals : 40 :points:
:bulletred: MW/ magic trasformation : 40 :points:
:bulletred: any of winx official clothes (cafe, explorer, pajama etc..) : 40 :points:
:bulletred: enchantix/ believix : 50:points: (70:points: if believix set)
:bulletred: harmonix/mythix : 60 :points: (70:points: if mythix with the scepter)
:bulletred: bloomix/butterflyix: 80 :points:

:bulletgreen: screenshot : 50 :points: for 2 characters (add 10 :points: for other OC on it)
:bulletgreen: group pic : 40 :points: for 2 characters (add 10 :points: for other OC on it)
:bulletgreen: picture of you OC with clothes you already have design : 30 :points:

:bulletpink: pixie : 30 :points:
:bulletpink: selkie: 30 :points:

:bulletblack: Boy OC or Boy design : 40 :points:

What i'll not do:

:bulletblue: sirenix/gothix sirenix (i don't really like this transformation)
:bulletblue: my fantransformations
:bulletblue: charmix item or FDB



Yamika gardian by Sochi-suzuki
Yamika gardian
Here is a drawing of a guardian on the game Eldarya, I participate at a topic where we draw each other guardian !

Hope you like it !

pose reference Aomori

Voila une autre de mes contribution au topic "dessine la guardienne du dessus" sur le forum Eldarya !

La gardienne que j'ai choisi est ToriNoUta!

J'espère que ça vous plait!
April lovix by Sochi-suzuki
April lovix
So let's continu with some sophix design ! 
This one is for my next gen OC April !!

I really like how she turn she is so cute! 
And I like her hairstyle I always make some details style its better ;) (Wink) and this little scarf is original!

hope you like it !

base Cristalinawinx
design Lorie-Adoptables
wings design Springscent
Patricia lovix by Sochi-suzuki
Patricia lovix
Let's continu with some sophix or lovix design !
This time a lovix for my OC Patricia, fairy of Light !

Patricia, Cherry's cousin and part of Reylix !

she's such a cuty right ? ;) (Wink)

hope you like it !

base ???
Of Course I Want You In My Life by Sochi-suzuki
Of Course I Want You In My Life
So this is a little screenshot about Patricia and her boyfriend Deren !

His design was made by Sirunala 

He is often very gloating but also very passionate. He often plays with girls, just because it`s funny for him. But in reality, he is very sensitive, but he don`t want to show this anybody. He allways thinks he can do all, and says what he think of a person, no mather what.
He wasn`t allways like this. When he was younger, he lived with his family. But some day the army of his home planet came because he was a dark angel. After some months he listened to a conversation between his parents. He heard that they had a lot of trouble because of him, and so he decided to run away.

Because he's a fallen angel he was describe as curse, every people who get close to him was bullied or worse so when he leave his home planet he start to didn't care about the other, if they didn't come close to him then what happen in the past will not happen again. Because of that he had a reputation to breaking heart of all the girls interrest in him. 

And one day he meet Patricia, first he begin his show and Patricia was interest she find him interesting and so different from all the other boys she could'nt reallly explain why but she feel something deep behind what Deren wanted to show.
Deren try to make her break when he see she was getting close to him... too much for his liking but even if he try bad things saying bad things Patricia always find a way by gentle touch or gentle words to make him appologize for all.
And what he fear happened... he fall in love with her and was so affraid, if someone knew he love her she could be in danger but despite his efforts Patricia stay and ask him to be his boyfriend.

Deren: what are you talking about ? me? being your boyfriend ?

Patricia: yes of course! it's been a while we go out together weren't they dates ? you know I really like you Deren so of course I want us to be official.

Deren: you couldn't want this... you know what I am right ? I will only bring you nothing but trouble if you stay with me...

Patricia come closer.

Patricia: Deren.... my parents died in a car accident when i was young... because of me.... but I win a new familly and I knew I could be happy again and I finally meet you, I can feel that you are the one for me it's a strange feeling... I don't want to be separate from you

Deren: but

Patricia: and I make some research about you Deren I know all about what happent o you because of how you look and I'm so angry of what happen to you so please let me be here for you I want to take care of you..

Deren: so you're really sure about that ?

Patricia: of course I want you in my life


hope you like it !

screenshot :devsparxgardian:

Thank you/computer back !

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 24, 2015, 11:18 AM
I just want to thanks the people who wish me my birthday yesterday it make me really happy thank you !! :huggle: =3

and thank you WildEnchantress for you drawing !! :tighthug: X33

and for the other.... I have nothing to add

Other good new my computer is back from repairer !!! yeaaah !!


CE- Ayame enchantix by Sochi-suzuki
CE-Mariko enchantix by Sochi-suzuki
CE- Aki Believix (wings to adopt) by Sochi-suzuki
I will design for your OC an enchantix or believix outfit with the wings
if you don't want the wings it will be 30 :points: and if you want only the wings 20 :points:
RQ- Merula minerix by Sochi-suzuki
AT- Belle minerix by Sochi-suzuki
AT- Celeste minerix by Sochi-suzuki
Kai minerix by Sochi-suzuki
My own fantransformation

Minerix is a transformation about trust, protection and confident about yourself, people you like and nature, it can only be earn by a fairy having enchantix and who go to Yuphorix in the "secret forest"
The fairy can earn the minerix by bonding with a mineral plant, one of the magical seals. The plant will give you power for you protect it.
Minerix will help the fairy's power to gain a new level adding a form of protection at this power a combinaison between different magic

Oralie Sperantix by Sochi-suzuki
Gift- Lemon Sperantix by Sochi-suzuki
One of my fantransformation
Sperantix was create by  Enafromthemoon and she give it to me after leaving 
Sperantix is a transformation about traveling and hope
Yuphorix-team new member new adventure by Sochi-suzuki
cg Enafromthemoon 3/3: Screenshoot Fight The Evil by Sochi-suzuki
Transformation girls ! by Sochi-suzuki
cg lightingmystery 1/3: Ailierix convergence by Sochi-suzuki
I will make for you a screenshot of any of your fairy or fairies of your choice
You can choose between color lign or black lign 
The price can change because of how many fairies you want in the screenshot, if you have already the design or if you want i make a new one for you (i don't make design for the transformation)


Sochi-suzuki's Profile Picture
Just call me Sochi


-25 years old
-like japanese music, yaoi, manga and anime !
-Love my friend and my family !
-I like drawing
-I like play sim date game and visual novel~
-I write fanfic about japanese group speaccially of dir en grey, sadie and the gazette
I'm speacialist of Mao/Kyo
-I have OTP who ruin my life : DESTIEL, SABRIEL, STEREK, STUCKY, CHERIK and other like mcdanno dreamshusbands....

My friend in true life: :iconxmisaki-chanx:

Favourite genre of music: visula-kei / j-rock / rock / metal / j-pop
MP3 player of choice: mp4

image: Angel made by me picture by flawshies



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